Cinnamon Pear Overnight Oats

Pears go underrated during a season that's so focused on apples. Their creaminess and crrunch pair with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon alongside healthy oats and chia seeds.

There’s no mistaking that Fall has arrived here on the Pacific Northwest. I went for my first morning run since we’ve been back from our honeymoon and I had to dig out my long-sleeve running shirt and my warm headband. There was a bite in the air, and a few crinkled leaves crunched under my feet. People who were walking their dogs were wearing scarves and jackets.

The one thing I love about Fall is that it’s a time of renewal. While I love the spontaneity of summer, I appreciate the feeling of a fresh start, the routines of back to school, the excitement of the impending holidays, and the darkening nights with nothing to do except get cozy by the fireplace with a glass of red wine.

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Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins (and I’m married!)

Fragrantly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and ground cloves, and kept moist by a full cup of pumpkin puree, these Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins are a celebration of October.

I’m back on the blog! And all of a sudden it’s October!!

Lots has happened in this month hiatus I took from the blog (and thank you for your patience as I disappeared) – I got married and then went  to Europe on honeymoon! That’s right, I’m a wife!

Stay with me as I digress from speaking about these Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins for a moment…

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Grilled Peach Halves with Granola and Honey

Grilled Peach Halves with Granola and Honey make a special variation on a fruit and granola breakfast - or swap the yogurt with vanilla ice cream for a light summer dessert!

I’m just popping in quickly to give you a recipe for the end of summer – because the end of summer is all about fresh peaches!

For this recipe, I’ve grilled peaches on the BBQ. Have you ever grilled fruit before?! It is divine. The peaches get soft and melty and the sugars caramelize slightly, leaving pretty grill marks.

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Roasted Cherry and Goat Cheese Toasts

Creamy goat cheese pairs with sweet roasted cherries, and fresh savory thyme - this is one of my favourite summertime breakfasts.

Toast. It’s super trendy, isn’t it?

But there’s honestly nothing better than a slice of golden, crispy, toast slathered with your topping of choice. The bread is just the vehicle for all kinds of tasty toppings, amiright?! I am a BIG toast fan.

The great thing about toast is that it’s super versatile and simple to make. Today I whipped up a quick breakfast of Roasted Cherry and Goat Cheese Toast. 

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Nut and Seed Granola

Nut and Seed Granola is a crunchy and protein-filled breakfast, to top on yogurt or your favourite fruit. | breakfast for dinner

My two favourite breakfast foods to keep stocked in the house at all times:

  1. Homemade granola
  2. Muffins stashed in my freezer

Homemade granola is SO NECESSARY to have on hand. Sprinkle it on your yogurt! Douse it with milk, like a healthy cereal! Eat it by the handfuls and handfuls for snacks because you can’t resist! (Just me?!)

You’re in luck because homemade granola is also SO SIMPLE to make. There was a time when I used to eat yogurt and granola every day for breakfast, and I was ploughing through bags of store-bought granola. Those bags of granola from the grocery store are not cheap, and are full of added sugars and preservatives that your body can do without!

Once you try making your own granola (and I turn you into a granola snob!), there’s no going back to those store-bought bags!

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Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal

Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal - A glorious oatmeal to start any day, combining the chewy texture of carrots with the wonderful flavors of apple, raisins, coconut, walnuts, and spices.


Morning Glory Baked Oatmeal is a glorious way to start any day, combining the chewy texture of carrots with the wonderful flavors of apple, raisins, coconut, walnuts, and spices.

You know those moments that are cemented in your brains, where you can remember exactly everything about the moment – how you felt, what you smelled, what you tasted, what you saw? Those distinct,  snapshot moments  that become somehow pivotal in your life?

One of those moments for me was eating a Morning Glory muffin. I was in LA, for the first time, alone and all by myself. It was early morning, and I had a coffee in one hand, a bite of Morning Glory muffin in my other hand, a rental car with a sun roof, the sunshine and the salty breeze blowing through my hair, and the steering wheel on my knee.

I drove along the Pacific Highway, north to Malibu, the ocean stretched out around me, in all its brilliant blues, with the road dipping and curving lazily along the coast. In that moment, I felt pure freedom and undiluted giddiness. There was nothing in the world but me and that road.

It was truly a glorious moment.

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Apricot Lavender Jam

The lavender in this Apricot Lavender Jam adds a faint floral note - an unexpected and delightful addition. Recipe yields 2 half-pint jars.

For many years, J and I have subscribed to a CSA box from a local farm. Each week throughout the summer we’ve received delicious fresh veggies – always a surprise, and always so fun to find recipes to use them.

This summer, we decided not to subscribe to our beloved CSA box, since we will be on honeymoon for a good chunk of the summer. We decided to put more effort into our rooftop veggie garden, and created a serious planting schedule that would keep us in constant supply of lettuce and salad greens, carrots, beets, snap peas, etc. It’s been working great! Although I do miss the vegetable surprises that keep my meal planning on its toes!

The one thing that I always wished our CSA box had was fruit. So this summer, when I found a fruit ordering service that delivered stone fruits from the Okanagan region, I was thrilled! (Thanks sis-in-law!) I signed up in a heartbeat.

Which leads me to the reason as to why I found myself buried in 10 lbs of apricots. Happily buried, I might add. 😉

We’ve been eating apricots with our oatmeal, apricot crisp, apricot galettes, apricot muffins – and then, to finish off the box of apricots (and to make way for my next delivery of 10 lbs of nectarines!), I decided to make jam. But not any old apricot jam – Apricot Lavender Jam.

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