Crustless Mushroom Quiche

Layers of mushrooms, eggs, and cheese ensure this crustless quiche is fluffy, creamy, savory goodness! Makes an excellent holiday brunch for your guests.

The countdown to Christmas is on!

Most of my shopping is done, and about half of the presents are wrapped, but I have yet to write any holiday cards. Must do that this weekend! (Does anyone still send out holiday cards anymore? Is it so old fashioned that I love mail?)

Planning Christmas morning brunch is a task that often gets forgotten in the chaos of present wrapping and tree trimming – so let’s get thinking about it!

The question in my house is always: sweet or savory? One year I did cinnamon rolls, another year I did overnight french toast, so this year we’re going savory! And this Crustless Mushroom Quiche is a top contender.

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Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche

Are a quiche and a frittata the exact same thing except one has a crust and one does not? (I had to google it. They are not the same.)
I am obsessed with frittatas Рthey are one of my favourite savory weekend breakfasts, since they take a little extra love to create, and the extra time allows me to sit with a hot cup of coffee and the iPad and catch up on my blog feed while it cooks in the oven.

Quiche, however, has all the deliciousness of a frittata with the addition of a buttery, flaky, crust (and a fluffier, custardy filling, as Google has just told me). And it doesn’t get much better than eating pie crust for breakfast, if I do say so myself. ūüėČ You could make¬†this Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche¬†with a store-bought frozen pie crust,¬†but I encourage you to make your own.

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