Buttermilk Pancakes with Triple Berry Sauce

Buttermilk pancakes are light, fluffy, and smothered in a sticky sweet triple berry drizzle. | breakfast for dinner

Are you team pancakes or team waffles?

Normally I’m team waffles. But these buttermilk pancakes are so light, fluffy, and smothered in the sweetest sticky triple berry drizzle that I may just change my mind…

Did you know that the term “flat as a pancake” has been around since 1611? (I hope you never had that terrible phrase directed at you!) Even our stone age ancestors were eating pancakes. It’s true.

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Triple Berry Green Smoothie

 I love this Triple Berry Green Smoothie because it contains a full cup of spinach, and you can't even taste it!

It’s a new year! Have you embarked on any nutrition-related goals? After the indulgences of the holidays, it’s always nice to enjoy a mental reset and eat a little more mindfully. To me, eating mindfully doesn’t mean dieting (I don’t do dieting) but I do pay more attention to what I’m putting in my mouth. And that basically means, eat more vegetables, eat less cookies. Eat more fruits, eat less bread.

A great way to sneak some healthy leafy greens and fruits into your day is to enjoy a breakfast smoothie. I love this Triple Berry Green Smoothie because it contains a full cup of spinach, and you can’t even taste it! Hidden healthiness is never a bad thing 😉

This recipe would be great to serve your kids – they’ll never know there’s spinach hiding in it! And there’s no green colour that gives it away either.

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Homemade Raspberry Pop Tarts

If you love pop tarts, then you will love these Homemade Raspberry Pop Tarts! All the flavor without the fake ingredients! | breakfast for dinner

Okay, I have to be honest with you and tell you that I was never allowed to eat Pop Tarts as a kid. “Too much sugar!” my mom would say, shaking her head. I also wasn’t allowed sugary cereals for breakfast – if sugar was the first ingredient in the ingredients list, it was banned from my childhood breakfast table. (Way to go, mom! My adult self thanks you!)

Now that I’m an adult (how did that happen?!) I shop for my own groceries and can buy breakfast pastries galore – but considering that Pop Tarts have 456,264,196 unpronounceable ingredients in them, I’d rather make my own!

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Healthy Double Berry Bran Muffins

Healthy Double Berry Bran Muffins are bursting with berries and good-for-you fiber.

And just like that, Christmas is over! And what a whirlwind it was!

J’s daughter was with us for Christmas this year – she is with us every second year for Christmas (alternating with her mom) and I keep wondering if she’ll still believe in Santa in another two years when she’s 8?! Do you remember when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?

Knowing that this might be her last year of believing, we made sure to be extra festive – we ice skated with Santa, let her eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning, sang tons of carols, did tons of Christmas crafts, and read tons of Christmas books. We also ate our weights in panetonne, pecan squares, gingersnap cookies, and eggnog.

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