Zucchini Feta Fritters with Poached Eggs

Zucchini Feta Fritters use the freshest summertime flavours - filled with shaved zucchini, chopped mint, and basil, you might already have the ingredients growing in your garden! 

As I said on Instagram, sorry for the very long and unintentional break!

We ended up spontaneously moving – which wasn’t all that spontaneous, really, considering we had been talking about moving since getting married last August. We’d been hoping to buy a house/townhouse – but guess what, the real estate market in Vancouver sucks. Really sucks. As in, can’t-buy-a-detached-home-for-less-than-1-million-dollars sucks.

It’s funny because it feels like the traditional and “expected” progression of #adulting is 1) get married, 2) buy house, 3) have baby, 4) live happily ever after. Which is ridiculous with a capital R, because life certainly doesn’t work out that way.  But somehow I felt like we were failing if we couldn’t buy a home now that we were married.

After much discussion, we realized that just because buying a home was natural/affordable/expected for our parents’ generation or for friends in other cities – it didn’t mean it was right or realistic for us.

And after all my chaos at work this Spring, and the potential of being laid off looming over our heads, we wondered, What’s the harm in renting?

When you let go of society’s expectation of what you should be doing, it’s amazing what other options present themselves. So, why not rent? Why not find our dream rental home?

Our list of desires was not small, but after 5 months of searching, we found it: the unicorn of rental homes. So we moved out of our small rental apartment and into a bigger rental house.

And it is so, so good!