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November 11, 2018

You may have already guessed from the title of this post – we are PREGNANT!


Bet I caught you off guard with that last part, didn’t I? 😉 Trust me, I was too. I’m currently 26 weeks and still in disbelief every time the image of two babies appears on my ultrasounds.

I’ve been a little quieter around here lately – because all I’ve wanted to eat for months is peanut butter on toast and cooking has been so unappealing! While I can never get enough peanut butter, I’m doing a little better at eating more balanced meals these days 😉

Finding Out it was Twins

My doctor scheduled an early viability ultrasound at 7 weeks. All I wanted was to see a heartbeat. I had been feeling some funny cramping, and just wanted to know that the baby was okay.

The ultrasound technician found the little one right away and I could clearly see the sac and the little blob inside. And a little flickering heartbeat! I was SO relieved. I was just lying there, breathing deeply, feeling so thankful, as the technician continued to take measurements.

And then, I thought I saw the shadow of another sac. He moved his wand more over to the side and I definitely saw another sac.

I said, “Is that what I think it is?” And he looked at me with a little bit of a cheeky glimmer in his eye and said, “What do you think it is?” And I said, “It looks like TWINS?!”

The technician was quiet for a second, and continued moving the wand around, and then brought up both sacs with two babies side by side and confirmed that yes, it was TWINS!

I started crying and laughing and asked him if he was sure about a thousand times. I got to break the news to my husband, J, who had been made to wait outside the ultrasound room until the measurements were complete.

We were in disbelief for DAYS afterward. (And still are?!)


Twin Pregnancy Q&A

How far along are you?

26 weeks today. Every week that we pass from now on is a blessing. Every week that goes by means the potential for NICU time and complications are reduced (twins means this pregnancy is automatically high-risk). Stay put babies!

When’s your due date?

Technically, I will be 40 weeks on February 17. However, twin pregnancies are considered full term at 37 weeks, and risks increase when you carry beyond 37 weeks. Therefore, my OBGYN will either induce me or schedule a c-section for the week of January 27 (which will be largely dependent on the babies’ positions).

Do you know the genders?

Yes! We are having one boy and one girl! Initially when we found out we were pregnant, J and I were leaning toward not finding out the gender and waiting for the surprise at birth. When we found out we were having twins, we decided – no more surprises!! We’re both thrilled to be having one of each.

How big are the twins so far?

They are currently over 2 lbs each! My baby app tells me they are the size of a large bunch of kale. Baby boy is currently head down, very low, and baby girl currently has her head up in my ribs, which is causing me to be very short of breath this week!

Have you had any complications so far?

Twin pregnancies come with a much greater risk of complications, which is why I am being monitored every 3-4 weeks by both my OBGYN and through regular ultrasounds at my hospital. Everything has been good so far (knocking on wood!) although my visit last week showed that my cervix was shortening – which means no more exercise and lots more rest. I’ve also been having Braxton Hicks for the past week or two. I’m nervous about how early they could arrive (pre-term labour is the biggest risk with twin pregnancies), so am just trying to take it easy and look ahead to our next goal of 28 weeks.

How are you feeling?

Everything is getting more challenging. This big bump is starting to really get in the way! I’m feeling more grumpy (sorry, husband), getting more aches and pains, and finding it increasingly difficult to sleep. I am most comfortable lying down, but there’s still lots to do! Just trying to take it one day at a time and rest as much as I can.


If you are pregnant with or have twins/multiples – I’d love to connect! Write me a comment below and share your best tips about how to keep myself sane through these next two months!


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